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The Benefits of Chamomile

The Benefits of Chamomile

If you've ever visited an herbal wellness boutique, a local farm, or a dainty tea shop perhaps, you've likely come across a little flower by the name of chamomile. There are actually two strains of chamomile: German and Roman. While they differ in aroma, both are used medicinally as a mild sedative, natural antiseptic, and are anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. Sometimes referred to as the "plant's physician" because of its ability to have positive effects on surrounding plants that are growing nearby; chamomile deters garden pests but attracts pollinators, making them the perfect companions in your fruit and vegetable garden. 

Being a folklore and history junkie myself, I am always interested to find out what flowers and herbs were used before my time. Dating back to medieval days, chamomile flowers scattered across indoor rooms to revitalize the air. In colour floral practices, the delicate white flowers of chamomile are used in spells for purification, protection, peace, and new beginnings. Often being placed in charm bags or dream pillows. According to flower folklore, chamomile can offer feelings of strength in difficult situations. In the language of flowers, when you give someone chamomile flowers, it means “I admire your courage” or “may all your wishes come true”. To attract love or tranquility, burn chamomile incense. Many love potions call for chamomile as a main ingredient. Burning chamomile daily is believed to bring wealth and abundance. Drinking chamomile tea is thought to instill positive energy and bring prophetic dreams.

More recently, chamomile essential oil is commonly used to repair and brighten skin, calm the mind and body, aid sleep, and ease joint pain, while its flowers can be made into tea to reduce symptoms of nausea and flush out toxins in the body. 


You can find an organic, all-natural Roman Chamomile essential oil in our Celestial Room & Body Spray intended to help you sleep, as well as in our Infuse Mend essential oil roll-on to aid in reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks. 

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