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A Portrait of Pitta

A Portrait of Pitta

"Picture a blazing fire. Its heat is penetrating and stimulating, always dehydrating and sometimes scorching. Its flames are sharp, fierce, and difficult to temper. Sparks fly when it rages, and few things can stop its cruel path. Its nature is purposeful, fearless, and invincible. Like the sun itself, it generates intense energy and the longer it burns, the redder it becomes until its last embers fade. In the meantime, its unctuous dance creates beautiful taffeta swirls of light, and its glow is utterly mesmerizing.

Once you've stared into her fiery gaze, you cannot forget Pitta's beauty. Her eyes are penetrating green, grey, or hazel, with perfect lashes and brows. Her straight hair is sandy brown, golden brown, copper or blazing red. Her skin is warm and pink and soft, and her cheeks and nose are very probably dotted with freckles or beauty marks and are ever so slightly moist and dewy from the natural oils in her tissue. Her scarlet lips are evenly shaped, her face is sharply contoured, and her body is well-proportioned. Cool greens and blues balance her intensity while pearls, moonstone, and silver bring out the sparkle in her eye.

In love, as in all things, Pitta is naturally hot. Her desires are strong and her passion and will are equal to it. She knows how to get what she's after and usually knows how to pace herself to reach the goal. When she is happy, no one is warmer or more delightful. Beware of getting burned, however. Under pressure, Pitta can be impatient, impulsive, irritable, angry and even hostile. Then she is likely to use her searing intellect against you, and her criticisms can cut deep. She is also prone to jealous outbursts, and her need for perfection and control at these times can be overbearing. Even in her cooler moments, Pitta's actions may seem brash or hasty to shyer, more cautious types.

This firecracker is easily set off by hot weather, spicy food, and stimulants of any kind, but she can go sweater-less on cold days and have an ice cream in any season without a shiver. When her energy's cooking, Pitta feels invincible. However, even this powerhouse needs some limits. Her motto in life should be "chill out or burn out" or "everything in moderation". Pushed to her extremes, she is the classic Type A personality. Her mood turns angry and argumentative; her behaviour, intolerant and compulsive; and her body, prey to ulcers, hypertension and heart disease. Even her stomach and breath turn sour. Her lovely rose complexion erupts into red rashes, burning eczema, acne rosacea, or other inflammations. Only a sunburn or an allergy could make the condition worse. Then Pitta has to cool down her system with a rest from activity, a change of scenery, a scent of sandalwood, meditation and a moonlight stroll". - Unknown Author

This is another description from the same author of "A Portrait of Kapha" (see previous blog posts). A practical and poetic way of describing how a dosha presents itself in the body, balanced and unbalanced. To put it simply, Pitta is passion. It is the driving force that allows us to complete tasks and chase after our dreams due to Pitta's natural fearlessness and ambition.

Do you identify as a predominantly Pitta folk? What do you tend towards when you feel angry? More on the doshas to come!

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xo Mia

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