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Inspired by natural, organic, and slow living to facilitate long-term, sustainable health. Our wellness line is born from ancient wisdom and blended with western herbalism to encourage intentional living. 

We know that living with intention is the best kind of medicine - our herbal wellness line encourages daily mindfulness through rebalancing mind, body, & soul.

Guided by the knowledge of Ayurveda, all of our products are made with high quality, natural ingredients - just as nature intended. In using what is available in our environment, we are better able to thrive in our environment.

With a focus on all-natural products, the body isn't subject to harsh substances that can damage or worsen preexisting conditions. Using natural ingredients is not only safe, but also beneficial for sustainable, gentle, and long-term care.


Ayurveda, like YOGA and MEDITATION, was first practiced in India thousands of years ago. Today it offers insight into holistic healing founded on the principles of the 5 great ELEMENTS - Air, Ether, Fire, Earth and Water. By understanding our own unique constitution of these ELEMENTS, we are better able to address our health concerns and thrive in our environments. Ayurvedic medicine works to engage all five SENSES to heal our minds and bodies.

Five Sense Therapies

Through TOUCH, we are able to activate vital energy points to harmonize and calm the body and nervous system. In our diets and environments, different TASTES & SMELLS are used to regulate and strengthen our body systems and emotional awareness. SIGHT can be treated with the use of colour, even in the colour of foods you eat and other everyday objects. And in SOUND, with the therapeutic rhythms of waves crashing, or in the gentle sounds of spray misting from a little glass bottle.

Founder, Mia Ocolisanu

Mia obtained her Ayurvedic medicine degree from the California College of Ayurveda in the fall of 2019. She also trained as an Herbal Apprentice at Fireweed Farm & School in Brentwood Bay, BC. where she was taught how to sustainably plant, grow, harvest, distill and create herbal medicinal remedies. Visit our contact page for Ayurvedic Health Counselling inquiries & upcoming education workshops - hosted & provided by yours truly.

When enjoying the decadent smells of our aromatherapy products, we hope you can almost taste our handcrafted, herbal infused oils. In those same oils, we hope you feel supported and rejuvenated with their bright colours to lift you up, and potent medicinal properties to induce relaxation and optimize your well-being. Living with intention, in harmony with our environment, is within reach.

"Nature itself is the best physician" - Hippocrates

 xo Mia