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A Portrait of Vata

A Portrait of Vata

"Imagine the wind. Wherever it moves, it brings along cool, refreshing air that drives off dampness and dew. Sometimes it comes in wisps that barely rustle the treetops. Other times it gusts so strongly it pushes us along our way. It can make heavenly music on crystal chimes or send a hurricane howling. One thing is certain: it never sits still and never stays the same very long. Its nature is quick, subtle, changeable, and as close to ethereal as any matter gets. 

When you understand the wind, you can appreciate Vata's beauty. Her skin is thin and fine-pored all over, and ever so slightly cool and dry. Her features are often refined and delicate, though sometimes irregular or elongated, and her cheekbones may be high because her bones tend to be prominent. Her hair is dark, like her eyes, and often curly, wispy with a coarse flyaway texture. She may be short in stature or tall, but her figure is naturally slender. She looks serene in warm pastels and dazzling jade, emerald or gold.

In love, as in all things, Vata is quick in passion and attachment. Her imagination is very creative and she tends to start things with great enthusiasm. Indeed, she is happy, she is exuberant and bursting with energy that is bright and infectious, and she can get away with less sleep than most other people. But Vata spends herself (and her money) too easily. Her endurance is slight, and sometimes excitability, her mood swings, and her lack of tenacity gives her the appearance of being flighty. Her active mind grasps new ideas in the blink of an eye, but she may forget them just as fast. 

This rarefied creature never does well in loud, noisy environments or cold, windy climates. Salad, raw vegetables, and cold leftovers are a poor diet for Vata, but a steaming bowl of cream of asparagus soup with sourdough bread fresh from the oven will satisfy for hours. Too much traveling or activity or any sort wear her thin nerves thinner, and an irregular routine can send her mind and body into a tailspin. When she is out of sorts, her unsettled attention becomes easily worried and anxious, her appetite diminishes, and her insides get constipated. Her complexion becomes excessively dry, with fine lines etched above the brow. There is nothing so unsettling to Vata's sensibilities as a harsh voice or crass language, and nothing so soothing and grounding as a soft touch, the sweet scent of jasmine or rose, and a summer morning when the sun is ascending and her feet are planted square on solid earth, her eyes look out to sea, and her ears catch the easy rhythm of the waves".

This is yet another description from the same author of "A Portrait of Kapha" and "A Portrait of Vata" (see previous blog posts). A practical and poetic way of describing how a dosha presents itself in the body, balanced or unbalanced. To put it simply, Vata is movement. It is the manifesting element that allows for thoughts and creativity to flow freely.

Do you identify as a predominantly Vata person? What do you tend towards when you feel anxious? As always, more on the doshas to come!

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xo Mia

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