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Olive Oil Bath Inspired by Sophia Loren

Olive Oil Bath Inspired by Sophia Loren

Who is Sophia Loren?

Sophia Loren is an Italian actress who was very popular in the 60s. She's basically the definition of graceful aging. Sophia herself stated that she owes her beauty to loving her life, eating spaghetti and enjoying the occasional extra virgin olive oil bath. Inspired by her career and her gracefully aging skin, we had to try it out for ourselves.

Olive Oil Bath Benefits

And so try we did, and what an experience it was! By the end of a first extra virgin olive oil bath, the skin is noticeable more silky smooth. As olive oil is high in Vitamin E, it has been shown that it can aid in preventing skin cancer, treat wounds and burns, and increase collagen. Therefore, leading to greater elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections in the skin. Extra virgin olive oil is also rich with antioxidants that halt age-associated changes in skin cell size and smooth the skin overall. This can help prevent wrinkles from even forming in the first place! In Ayurveda, olive oil is pungent and bitter, but because of its silky texture it is actually a little more neutral, which then can be safely used for all doshas.

Olive Oil Bath, bath and body oil dropper with plant

Olive Oil Baths & How We Made It Better

Now, we're not trying to say we're better than Sophia Loren. I mean, she's Sophia Loren! But we will say that we took her extra virgin olive oil bath and made it better. Take our Covet Bath & Body Oil. We took the inspiration from Loren and infused our olive oil with organic, high-quality herbs. Calendula, well-known for its skin healing and blemish repair qualities was an obvious choice. While Yarrow being deeply nourishing, can help to rebuild broken capillaries. Finally, we added Lemon Balm for its revered anti-inflammatory and skin soothing abilities. Paired with antioxidant rich essential oils of Marjoram and Juniper Berries, and you have yourself a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. Our bath and body oils are clearly intentionally curated to heal and rejuvenate your skin. 

Try one for yourself!

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