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Quarantine Valentine's

Quarantine Valentine's
What a year it has been! It's been almost 12 months of restrictions, social distancing and mask wearing here on Vancouver Island, and I think its safe to say we're all experiencing "quarantine fatigue". So here's a little inspiration to help you keep trucking along through the rest of this (what feels like eternal) flu season... mixed in with a little intention and lots of L O V E.

Let's just get the stereotype out of the way first; Valentine's Day is the day to spend the whole day with your significant other, eating heart shaped chocolate and fawning over red roses, right? Well, what if we challenge that. After all, the most important, not to mention longest, relationship you will ever have is with yourself.

Then why shouldn't Valentine's Day be dedicated to honouring literally the most important relationship of your life? Especially in times of break up and heart ache, which seems to be all the more rampant these days, it is crucial to show yourself some tender love & care.

Alone on Valentine's Day?

So how can you celebrate Valentine's Day on your own? That's simple. Pick up a new hobby (or pick it up again) like:

  • puzzling;
  • reading;
  • drawing;
  • and/or exercising.

Diffuse romantic essential oils that promote self-confidence, love and compassion like rose, geranium, patchouli, anise, cardamom and bergamot. Make the conscious choice to remove yourself from social media for a few days.

Romantic posts are bound to be everywhere, and this may deter you from your goal of enjoying and romancing yourself. Or, do the exact opposite and post incessantly about how much you love yourself and why!

If couples can do it for their partners', why can't we do it for ourselves? Buy yourself a bottle of red wine (or sparkling apple juice for that matter) and have a candlelit, delectable three-course meal for one. WHY NOT!

We spend so much of our lives searching for this perfect 'one'. But what if I told you, the 'one' you are looking for, has always been and always will be yourself.

Get to know yourself. Journal. Meditate. Inquire. Send love. Receive love. Take a bath. Give yourself a massage. Take another bath! Do whatever makes you feel good, and enjoy living in the moment. Let's take Valentine's Day for our own. Our Adore Bundle is a good place to start.

"You have to start romanticizing your life. You have to start believing that your morning commute is cute and fun, that every cup of coffee is the best you've ever had, that even the smallest and most mundane things are new and exciting. You have to, because that's when you look forward to everyday." - Unknown Author

xo Mia

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