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Waterless Skincare Benefits

Waterless Skincare, Bath and Body Oil dropper overlooking ocean view

If you aren’t familiar with waterless skincare, take it from someone who is passionate about natural skincare, living with intention, and the planet’s environment. After exploring the benefits of waterless skincare products through trial and error for almost a decade, I can tell you the benefits are numerous and noteworthy.

Longer Shelf Life (Without Use of Chemicals)

Firstly, waterless skincare products have a longer shelf life because they don't contain water. This means they are less likely to go bad quickly, giving you more time to use them before they expire. This is great news for those of us who have a tendency to hoard skincare products or those who don't use them as frequently.

More Concentrated and Better for Your Skin

Moreover, these products are more concentrated because of the absence of water. The active ingredients in these products are more potent, meaning you get more of those natural ingredients working on your skin. This is a win-win situation because you get better results, and you use less product in the long run.

Another advantage of waterless skincare is that it reduces the risk of irritation. Bacterial growth in water-based products can cause problems, leading to skin abrasions and allergic reactions. Waterless products are naturally less prone to bacterial growth. This means there is less need for preservatives, which can further reduce the risk of irritation. The only preservative we use in our oils, butters, and balms is vitamin E which is actually really good for your skin! Shop our waterless products here

Waterless Skincare, Glacial Cooling Balm held out over ocean sunsetEnvironmental Benefits of Waterless Skincare

The environmental benefits of using waterless skincare products are also significant. Manufacturing and shipping these products can reduce the amount of water used and greenhouse gas emissions. This is an important consideration given the current state of our environment.

In conclusion, the benefits of using waterless skincare products are clear. Longer shelf life, more concentrated active ingredients, reduced risk of irritation, and environmentally sustainability are just some of the advantages. So, if you're looking to make changes to your skincare routine or simply want to be more environmentally conscious, consider exploring the world of waterless skincare. Your skin and the planet will thank you.

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