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Why Buy Organic

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You're hearing and seeing it everywhere - shop local! Shop small! Buy organic! And you may be wondering why. Let's first start with the basics, and define the word organic. 

On the surface, the definition of organic is simple; "relating to or derived from living matter". But by that definition, pretty much everything is organic. When we encourage consumers to buy organic products, we're looking beyond this simple definition, and instead reinforce the idea that truly organic products are made from ingredients that have grown without the use of chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides and other artificial agents. 

Why Buy Organic

Well, unless you've been living under a rock in Bikini Bottom (what's up, Patrick), you likely know that chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides create negative impacts on the environment and in our bodies. Fertilizers encourage algae blooms causing the depletion of oxygen in surface waters, pathogens and nitrates in drinking water, and the emission of odours and gases into the air. Not to mention, nutrients from manure and fertilizers enter lakes and streams through runoff and soil erosion. While pesticides have been linked to cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, ADHD, and even birth defects. Pesticides also have the potential to harm the nervous system, the reproductive system, and the endocrine system. Check out PubMed for research journals that go even further in discussing these impacts

So if that tidbit of information hasn't inspired you to shop organic, keep in mind all of the benefits of buying organic, and better yet - buying organic AND local: simply put, organic farming tends to be better for the environment because organic farming practices may reduce pollution, conserve water, reduce soil erosion, increase soil fertility, and all-in-all use less energy. Farming without synthetic pesticides is also better for nearby birds and animals as well as people who live close to farms! 

Buying organic is literally better for you, your community, the environment and all its critters. Swayed yet? Check out our organic bath & body line here.  

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