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We believe that living with our environment is the best way to obtain optimal health and daily mindfulness. To properly honour this, we take various steps to ensure sustainable business practices to actively reduce our carbon footprint in anyway that we can.

For starters, all our herbal ingredients are sourced from local, organic farms within British Columbia, Canada. We also ensure that our carrier oils and essential oils are sourced within Canada, specifically being purchased from the reputable New Directions Aromatics based out of Ontario, Canada.

Furthermore, we choose to use glass jars and bottles for product packaging as glass materials are more likely to be reused and recycled by the public. Notably, we do not have additional boxes or plastic shrink wraps for lids all in the name of helping the environment.

We encourage our clients to reuse of our bottles and jars, as all of our glass containers are dishwasher safe, and our labels are removable. Last but not least, we proudly reuse all packaging material we receive from our fellow wholesalers and distributors in the hopes that they will do the same.
- It is not what you do sometimes, but what you do on a daily basis that determines your health. Practice kindness, be mindful of your surroundings, and treat your body with tender love & care -