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Sustainability is Our Social Responsibility

Sustainability, glass bottle in the sand

When we decided to create a brand that values self-care and intentional living, we also considered the environment and how our company could be of impact to it. We identified what would be the greatest factors in determining our sustainability as a company. The main points that came up were sourcing ingredients, product packaging, and reusable/refillable options.

Sustainability in Ethically Sourced Ingredients

Sourcing ingredients was definitely at the top of our list. Clean, high-quality ingredients not only benefit you, but our immediate environment as well. We source all of our fresh herb ingredients from certified organic, local farmers on Vancouver Island, as this encourages economic growth within our community; and furthermore, organic herbs and oils do not contain harmful chemicals and artificial minerals, thus preserving the quality of soil and water in local areas. 

Thoughtful Product Packaging

Glass bottles with removable labels and without any extra packaging was an obvious choice for our brand, as this way the consumer has the option to reuse the bottle in any way they so choose, and do not have to deal with the guilt of recycling one-time use plastics or boxes. You may also have noticed, we do not use shrink plastic on any of our bottle enclosures, again, this is to reduce the use of single-use plastics and disposables to ensure that while we are prioritizing our minds and bodies, we are also being mindful of our ecological footprint and how we can do right by our precious planet. 

Glass bottles are preferred over plastic packaging for many reasons - mainly being that a glass bottle is much more likely to be reused and recycled (especially ones with a removable label like ours) and harmful chemicals from plastics can leech into oils  and natural products. The nonporous surface of glass also doesn’t absorb any of the product or germs that may have been exposed to the product upon opening or using, for that matter. Choosing to use glass eliminates exposure to harmful chemicals. This leaves you with a well-preserved, natural product that is safe for long-term use.

Have questions about our sustainability efforts? We have loads more of company values where that came from! Email us at for more information.


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